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Hi, Here is the newest blog site to one of the best grooming facilities and grooming schools in the country.

I am the owner, DuAnn Chambers, and also the primary grooming instructor for the Pet Grooming Academy. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. I moved to northern Idaho (Priest River area) in 1994 and did not feel that I could support myself in this rural area with a psychology degree. So, I went back to school and received my grooming diploma in 1997 and have been grooming ever since.

I am childfree by choice and I live with my husband (whom I adore) and my 3 dogs, Mini Schnauzer, Annie-12, Monte-std pdle - 3, and Marli- Rott. cross-6.

My 4-legged dogs come to work with me and it’s a wonderful way to spend my days and make a living. I get to use both of my degrees every day in the grooming shop and I work with talented and fun dog-loving people. I now own 2 shops, and employ 6-8 groomers and bathers.

I start one student at a time, and have graduated dozens of students that have gone on to become hugely successful groomers and business owners. I love being a groomer! And I love being a teacher!

I have started this blog so that I can assist groomers with grooming questions, and dog-owners with dog psychology questions. In my 11 years of owning 2 shops and grooming thousands of dogs, I have come to notice a LOT of really cool things that co-exist for dog and owner.

Please help me to start my blog by sending me your questions regarding your dogs. Thanks a bunch for visiting my site, and I hope to be a service to you!

DuAnn Chambers

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Doggie kisses are valuable whether you want them or not

Doggie kisses are one of the nicest gifts your dog can give you.  Its' true that doggie kisses can be slobbery, smelly, messy, annoying and noisy.  Just remember, Valentine's Day is coming and there should be one time of year where doggie cases will be sincerely received and appreciated!  I encourage everyone to remember the incredible gift of love, devotion, and loyalty that goes into every slurp, messy or not!  Enjoy your kisses today!

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DuAnn Lustig-Chambers

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Natural solution for incontinent dogs

Today we groomed an 11 year old Old English Sheepdog Sassy, owned by Sandy Sparling.  Sassy has been suffering from incontinence for several years, but in the last year, it has gotten much worse.  Sandy had Sassy on a prescription for incontinence called Proin.  Sassy is 70 pounds.

Sandy wasn't getting a lot of results from the Proin anymore, and so she bought a bottle of cranberry pills and started Sassy on 1 pill, 300 mg a day.  In four days time, Sassy's leaking had subsided by 80%.  That's pretty astonishing results!  Sandy checked with the vet to be sure the pills were safe to give her and she got the green flag.

Incontinence is an issue that is very common.  If you are needing help, cranberry pills are available at most supermarkets, and any holistic retailer.  It's a cheap, easy, non-intrusive remedy!

DuAnn Lustig-Chambers
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Monday, January 3, 2011

hot spots in dogs

Today we had a dog come in the shop with hot spots in the base of the tail and on the thickest part of the hair on the back.  This dog was a thick, double-coated dog.  The owner of this dog had been to the vet to discover how to treat these hot spots.  The owner had asked a vet during a recent visit about why these sores were occurring.  The vet gave this owner several reasons for the sores that she did not believe (and I didn't either).

My personal belief is that thick-coated dogs often get hot spots in the winter time because of the snow and moisture that gets trapped in the thickest parts of the undercoat.  When the coat of the dog has not been combed or groomed regularly, the undercoat builds up in a way that will not allow moisture (snow) to dry out.  When the skin of the dog cannot dry out, they get a condition that is the same as 'dishwater hands'.  The skin gets mildewed and reacts with a skin infection.

Owners can avoid this process by brushing the extra undercoat out and moisturizing the fur and skin with emu oil.  Emu oil is the magic ingredient for irritated skin.  See our website for the best emu oil products,, or check out your local holistic retailer for emu oil pills.  The bottom line is, keep your dog's hair brushed out for healthy skin to avoid hot spots.  If hot spots cannot be avoided, free the area of bunched up hair so the skin can breathe, and moisturize often.

DuAnn Lustig-Chambers
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